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Okay but what is SEO?

To tell you what SEO is, we first have to tell you what it’s not.

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SEO Is Not

Google never decide randomly which websites will go to the top of the search engine results. The algorithm rearrange rankings based on many factors. Our SEO campaigns optimize for each of those factors to show Google your website has what it’s looking for.​

SEO is not completely automated​

While SEO relies on technology to make it functional, it affects real people working in real businesses. That’s why we have real humans working on your campaign at every stage.
Keyword Research

SEO Is Not A Luxury​

In todays world, if you want to scale up your business then having business on internet is very important. SEO is a key factor to attract more customers online. thanks to our unique scalable model, we can do something for every business at every budget.

Why SEO Is Important?​

  • SEO helps in increasing of website’s traffic and overall global ranking.
  • Targeting specific pages to show on search engines by optimizing the post for better SEO results in the increase of audience of your website.
  • Build permalinks to make SEO friendly linking structure.
  • Structuring website with trending keyword to make it easy for search engines to find your website. 
  • SEO websites can give business high credibility.
  • Most websites fail to rank because of poor structuring of website. SEO helps your website to get online visibility and credibility.
  • Targeting specific pages to show on search engines by optimizing the post for better SEO results in the increase of audience of your website.
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SEO for your Business

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SEO Research

Keyword Research method helps in recognize the target market, research popular keywords, and determine what words and phrases people use to find information.

On-Page Optimization method helps in Optimizing of website pages to rank higher in the SERPs. It includes optimizing the technical aspect, content and HTML source code.​

Off-Page Optimization method is used to bring traffic to the website through various backlinks, referrals, and tags from different platforms.

Technical SEO method is used to make sure that your website is in good shape for Google and other search engines which is done by optimizing your site’s code, making sure your website is mobile-friendly.​

The Content Marketing method is used to establish trust and credibility with a target audience, and eventually persuade them to take some desired action with awesome content.
The link Building method is used to gain relevant links for a website. Link-building is A well-researched link-building structure that can help a business website rank higher on localized and organic SERPs.
Page Speed Optimization method helps in the increase of ranking ladder to reduce the number of HTTP requests and cache static assets and eliminate unwanted code.
The Landing Page Optimization method helps in refining your chances of converting prospects into buyers as our optimizers modify your landing pages’ layout, content, and other elements.
SEO reporting helps in the awareness of what is working and what is not, as our reports provide valuable insights into traffic, organic rankings, keyword performance, etc.

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